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Olive oil

Olive oil is classified based on several properties, listed as follows:

1 - Color: have degrees from green to yellow (green Yellowish-golden yellow or dark green and light as well as yellow).

2 - Appearance: where it is bright or dark color.

3 - Transparency: where it is transparent or brown.

4 - strength: so thick with varying liquidity.

5 - Smell: aromatic characteristic or non-existent or smells strange.

6 - The bait: distinguish the taste of olives or absence of it or creamy taste without the flavor.

7 - storage period: it can be distinguished: Oil again: the season. Old oil: the previous season. Oil is too old: Senior seasons.

The classification working in international trade classification is approved and issued by the International Council of Olive Oil: we need to explain to him as follows:

Oil is classified into two main pillars:

A - Olive oil: the oil output of the juice of fresh olives.

B - olive oil dregs (Arjun olive oil): It is Zitalnatj of olive pulp (Arjun olive). And extracted from the remnants of an olive. Following are the classification used for each class are as follows:

* First: Category I: olive oil is the oil obtained directly and fully from the fruits of the olive tree. And classified into the following types:

1 - virgin olive oil.

2 - Refined olive oil.

3 - pure olive oil.

* II: Category II: oil or olive oil dregs Arjun olive oil is extracted from olive pulp any remaining olive presses: and classified into the following types:

1 raw olive pulp oil (crude) or oil Aerjon raw.

2 oil, refined olive pulp or refined olive oil, Arjun.

3 dregs of olive oil or olive oil, Arjun. The following is the definition of each category, types and specifications:

+ + Class I: Olive oil 
And classified into three types:

1 - Virgin Olive oil: 
Oil is extracted directly and fully from the fruits of fresh olives by mechanical and physical simple transactions without any thermal or chemical is classified under the categories:

A - Virgin Olive Oil: 

Fit for direct consumption as it is a distinction in three grades:

- EXTRA VIRGIN OO: a virgin olive oil has the smell and taste, good acidity, does not exceed 1% (the ability of oleic acid, heat oil in 100 g of the sample).

- Fine VOO: virgin olive oil is the same specifications, but the acidity, the previous maximum of 5.1% (the ability of oleic acid, heat in 100 g oil).

- Ordinary Semi-fine VOO: the same specifications, but the former acidity of up to 3% (the ability of free oleic acid in 100 g oil). With a tolerance of 10% of the pH to distinguish degrees earlier.

B - V.O.O Lampante: 

Not fit for direct consumption because of taste or smell defects or high pH of more than 3,3%. It is alleged extra virgin olive oil (Lampante) or oil lamp and is subject to refining operations, or for industrial use.

2 - Rifned Olive oil:

Which is the output of the oil refining virgin olive oil refining ways that do not affect the natural chemical composition.

3 - Pure olive oil:

Oil output is a mixture of refined olive oil with virgin olive oil which is fit for human consumption as it is.

+ + Category II: Olive-Pomace oil

Arjun olive oil: the oil resulting from the treatment of olive pulp (leftover olive juice Palmasr (Aerjon) organic solvent (hexane benzene) with the refining and refining the necessary files to the following types:

1 - Crude Olive-pomace oil: 

Dregs of olive oil is allocated to the refinery for processing in order to be valid for human use or in the industry.

2 - Refined Olive-Pomacem Oil: 

Oil is extracted from crude oil, olive pulp refining operations in does not affect the composition of the original acids mind. It is intended for human consumption as is or mixed with virgin olive oil.

3 - Olive-Pomacem Oil: 

A blend of refined olive oil dregs with virgin olive oil is fit for human consumption.

** Medical benefits of olive oil 
- Olive oil helps to dissolve gallstones, a doctor says: 

"I saw fast for conditions where the patient gallstones and then drink olive oil to dissolve the stones, where the gall bladder to contract and expel the stones from the body."

- I realized scientific research, medical benefits where the results indicate that olive oil protects a person from disease, age, "heart disease!". It was one of the recommendations in some international gatherings that the food communities basin countries of the Mediterranean is one of the most important factors affecting the low incidence of cardiovascular disease compared to other countries such as Europe and the United States of America. researchers due to the increased consumption of "olive oil" to have. And consumption of this oil instead of ghee and butter and other fats. In my view, that's why the health benefits of olive oil that the oil output of the holy tree as he says in the Quran: (Stokes from a blessed tree olive tree does not Eastern nor Western) contains acids mental distinct known as acids mental single-zero saturation (Mono Unsaturated ), where fatty acids are unique works to reduce the high rate of cholesterol in the blood. The oil is blessed contains vitamins especially known antioxidants, as well as some vehicles such as polyphenols each of these compounds and a high proportion of olive oil reduce the incidence of high cholesterol in other words, reduce the hardening of the arteries and consequently reducing heart disease, but this should be Oil inferred a certain way and manner gives oil called "extra virgin olive oil" which is excellent and the result of the winepress, the first Virgin Oil Extr.

- Olive oil strengthens your memory 

Could drops of olive oil you eat each day, that Keeps memory loss and keep the performance of your brain's functions effectively when you reach old age, based on what the scientific team from the University of "Paris", and the secret that - according to what Dr. "Antonio Kaborso" which heads the scientific team that has the necessary research before coming to this conclusion - it is not steeped in mental acids that can be found in olive and sunflower seed and sesame oil.

These scholars believe that these materials maintain the integrity of the evidence of the brain. Reflects Dr. "Kaborso" about it, saying that "there seems to be a growing need for mental non-saturated acids during the aging process." The medical team has reached its results after the research included 300 people aged between 65 and 84 years, it was found that those who ate larger quantities of these acids is a component of their diets. Enjoy better able to remember and they were more vigilant than others. The authors recommend addressing the additional quantities of olive oil as particularly effective in this area. No wonder, the olive tree is a blessed medicine.

Dr. Hassan Shamsi Basha - Consultant Cardiologist: For the first time in history met sixteen of the most famous medical scientists in the world in the city of Rome in the atheist and the month of April 1997 to issue their recommendations and decisions of the Standard on the subject (olive oil and food, the Mediterranean) .

They issued their recommendations of scientists in a statement that included more than thirty pages that presented the latest scientific research in the field of olive oil and Mediterranean diet. They emphasized in their statement that dealt with olive oil contributes to the prevention of coronary heart disease, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and it protects against some cancers.

Even in 1986 did not care one of the researchers, the Americans and Europeans in olive oil, and that appeared before us, Dr. Grendi in the study that appeared in 1985, and which showed that olive oil lowers blood cholesterol was followed up by studies and research focusing on the benefits of olive oil, and to explore the day more of the secrets of this holy oil which came from a blessed tree. The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "Eat Adhnoa by the oil and it is a blessed tree"

How can we not be a tree blessing, and I swear to God or their land in the verse in the Quran: "By the fig and the olive, By Mount Sinai," as the likeness of God Almighty light, light of its oil when he said in the Quran: "Stokes from a blessed tree olive tree is not Middle Eastern The Western. "

Olive oil is a gift of heaven, man. Knew some of the veterans benefits, and realize, modern medicine - few years ago - some of another.

We knew that the newly olive oil protects against disease era ... Stroke, heart, and delay the hardening of the arteries. And faded legend that she said that olive oil increases blood cholesterol, that the ghost haunts many. Between modern science and that olive oil, the cholesterol-enemy, fighting him because I was in the human body.

The fact that the Americans Egbton population of the basin of the Mediterranean diet, and they know that coronary heart disease are less frequent in Italy, Spain and Georhma than it is in Northern Europe and the United States. The researchers attribute to the high consumption of olive oil when the population of the Mediterranean basin, and their dependence upon him as a main source of fat in their food rather than obesity (margarine) and butter and the like.

The book (Heart Owner Handbook) issued by the Texas Institute of Cardiology recently: "The communities that use fat Giralmcbap only (and best-known olive oil) in their diet as the primary source of fat is characterized by lack of disease, coronary heart disease, oil is olive when the population of Greece, Italy and Spain is the source Statute of the fat in their diet, they are characterized by being less vulnerable to coronary heart disease and breast cancer in the world. Not only that, but the Americans who are following the example of those at least have a coronary heart disease. "

- Olive oil .. And cholesterol: 

It is known that the inhabitants of the island of Crete are less people infected with coronary heart disease in the world, and it is known that most of the fat they consume in their food source, olive oil, which has proved that it reduces the rate of LDL cholesterol in the blood, and thus protects against atherosclerosis and coronary Coronary heart.

It is known that oxidation of LDL cholesterol is important in bringing about hardening of the arteries and narrow,. The modern scientific studies have confirmed that olive oil plays an important role in preventing that process .. Add to that olive oil plays an anti-oxidant as well, where olive oil contains vitamin E which is known to anti-oxidant, also contain compounds that polyphenols, and then can prevent the progression of atherosclerosis attributable health benefits of olive oil to the riches acids mental Giralmcbap only, and to the richness antioxidants . 

Studies have confirmed the process, including leaves no room for doubt that olive oil reduces the level of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, without adversely affecting the beneficial cholesterol.

Not only that, but a recent study published in the journal Atherosclerosis in 1995 emphasized the importance of addressing the oil, extra virgin olive oil Extra Virgin, is the oil Squeeze the first, researchers have found that virgin olive oil contains a good amount of vehicles polyphenols Polyphenolic Compounds that prevent oxidation Self-oil, and maintain solid. It was found by researchers that these compounds prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol LDL in vitro, and thus it can prevent the progression of atherosclerosis and play an important role in preventing the body from the risk of toxic compounds to cells, such as "Alberoxaydz" Lipid Peroxides and other harmful substances, confirmed these data Another study published in the month of February 1996 in the journal Atherosclerosis.

Is olive oil effect on blood clotting? 

But the question is whether there is also another effect of olive oil for a way to exercise the benefits in the prevention of atherosclerosis? In a study published in December 1999 in the Journal (Am J clin Nutr), researchers showed that a diet rich in olive oil may weaken the bad influence of fat intake in the diet on blood clotting, and thus may reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease ..

- Olive oil .. The rate of deaths: 

A study published in the Journal of the famous Allanst December 20, 1999 that the death rate in the poorest country in Europe, namely Albania Muslim characterized by low mortality levels, mortality rate in Albania when the boys were 41 people from each 100.000 people, half of what it is like in Britain and researchers attribute the cause of the people in the reconstruction of Albania with a very low income on the pattern of food when the Albanians, and the lack of eating meat and dairy products, frequent eating of fruits and vegetables, starches and olive oil. The lowest mortality rates in the south-west of Albania in the place which was the highest rate of consumption of olive oil, fruits and vegetables.

- A diet rich in olive oil reduces the doses of blood pressure drugs: In the research conducted by Dr. Aldo Ferrara at the University of Naples, Italy and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine on March 27, 2000 were studied 23 patients with high blood pressure rate of less than 104/165 mm Hg and taking medication for high blood pressure. Development of the first half of the patients had a diet rich in virgin olive oil, while the other group placed on a diet rich in sunflower oil, Sun flower oil, and after six months, reversing the pattern of food between the two groups for six months. The results showed lower blood pressure by 7 points among those who ate olive oil, while there has been no decrease in the other group. Have been able to patients who ate a diet rich in olive oil reduce the doses of blood pressure medication in half, under the supervision of doctors, of course, and eight patients with high light in blood pressure no longer need to take the medication during the study, while there has been no change The dosage of the medication in patients who had their food rich sunflower oil. It must be alert to the need to adhere to instructions of the doctor, there is no

Should be understood from this is that patients can high blood pressure, olive oil and stop the medication, it is very important, and must be regular monitoring by your doctor.

- Olive oil .. And cancer: 

Cancer is responsible for five deaths in European countries, but the strange thing is that there are clear differences in mortality rates of cancer among Nordic countries and Western Europe, and its southern rim of the Mediterranean basin, and there is strong evidence that this difference of origin - to a large extent - the quality of food intake and researchers attribute the cause of the low rate of deaths from cancer in the Mediterranean basin to the diet of the people of this country, which includes olive oil as the primary source of fat, and vegetables and fruits, legumes

- What is the role of olive oil in cancer prevention? 

Many recent epidemiological studies that there is inversely proportional to the olive oil and the occurrence of a number of cancers. And most of these studies confirm the close relationship between intake of olive oil and low incidence of breast cancer and stomach. Not only that, but a number of other scientific studies suggest - as Professor Aseman President of the Research Institute of hardening of the arteries in the University of Muenster, Germany, one of the leading researchers in the world in the field of atherosclerosis - that dealt with olive oil can protect against a number of other cancers , including colon cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, although the number of such studies is still small.

- Olive oil .. And breast cancer:

She wants the will of God is concerned with some of the women from the blessings of this holy oil, Vetoalt scientific studies in the past few years suggests that olive oil protects against breast cancer, and cervical cancer.

A study, published in November 1995, conducted on 2564 women with breast cancer that there is an inverse relationship between risk of breast cancer, and intake of olive oil, and a lot of olive oil contributed to the prevention of breast cancer.

A study published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine in the August 1998 that dealt with a tablespoon of olive oil per day could reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 45% was adopted by this study to examine the quality of food at more than 60.000 women between the ages of forty-sixth and seventy years of age, and after three years, researchers found that women who did not develop breast cancer who were taking plenty of olive oil in their food. The researchers say that olive oil is now considered one of the main factors that protect against breast cancer, although he did not yet know precisely the mechanism by which exercise of the olive oil that effect.

- Olive oil .. And cervical cancer:

As for cervical cancer, has published "British Journal of Cancer" in the month of May 1996, the study conducted on 145 women infected with Greece cervical cancer. Researchers compared the women to 289 women not infected with cancer. It is clear to the researchers that women who were Ikthern intake of olive oil were less susceptible to cancer of the uterus .. The risk of occurrence of this cancer by up to 26%.

- Olive oil .. And stomach cancer: 

A number of recent scientific studies that dealt with olive oil
Regularly can reduce the incidence of stomach cancer, although there are
A need for further scientific studies

- Olive oil .. And colon cancer: 

There is also epidemiological studies suggest that eating fruits and vegetables and olive oil play an important role in the prevention of colon cancer.

- Olive oil .. And skin cancer melanoma Melanoma: 

Dermatology Times magazine in its issue of the month of August 2000, a study indicated that topical creams, olive oil after swimming and sun exposure, may protect against skin cancer melanoma Melanoma.

It is known that this type of cancer spreads when Westerners are white who are exposed to the sun for long periods, especially after swimming, due to the effect of ultraviolet radiation, was conducted this study at the University of Kobe Japanese mice. Researchers have offered mice to sunlight three times a week, and mice painted with olive oil for five minutes after each meeting, and after 18 weeks showed that tumors began to appear in mice that did not paint the olive oil. Remains rudimentary study of this study need further studies. And the Prophet peace be upon him say: (Adhnoa by it from a blessed tree).

- Olive oil .. And stomach ulcers:

Dr. "Smoot" University "Howard" American research at the recent conference of the American Society for diseases of the digestive system, which was held in October 2000, research has shown that oils unsaturated such as olive oil, sunflower oil and fish oil, can inhibit the growth of a bacterium called Helicobacter Pylori in the stomach. These bacteria are responsible for many cases of gastric ulcers and a number of cases of stomach cancer, and Dr. "Smoot" that food containing these oils may have a beneficial effect in the prevention of stomach cancer, and reduction of peptic ulcer recurrence.

- Olive oil .. And lactation: 

But this new creature, which had just come out to this life, it feeds as fed by his mother. The choice of food is done well, which gave him chose a lot of good, and created on the proper food.

In a recent study published in February 1996 from the University of Barcelona, Spanish, and conducted 40 Mrda, I took them samples of breast milk, the researchers found that most of the fat in breast milk was the type of "fat Allamcbap only" Monounsaturated Fats. This is the kind of fat is the right of the best fat to be addressed by human .. The type that is known for its olive oil, and researchers attribute the cause of the phenomenon to heavy consumption of women in Spain for olive oil ..

- Olive oil .. And Rheumatoid arthritis:

Peer rheumatoid arthritis disease get the joints of the hands and feet and others.

Scientists had assumed the existence of an inverse relationship between intake of certain foods and the occurrence of this disease .. The magazine Am J clin Nutr reported in its November 1999 study of 145 patients with arthritis peer rheumatica in southern Greece, and compared this group of 108 healthy people .

The study showed that eating olive oil can help prevent the occurrence of this disease, those who eat very small amounts of olive oil in their food were more susceptible to infection than those who had their food rich in olive oil, and researchers attribute the cause to the trans fats, and antioxidants, which it contains olive oil. The same study also showed that those who had increased their cooked vegetables were also less susceptible to this disease.

- Olive oil kill head lice:

According to latest statistics published in the Journal of Infectious diseases in Children in April 1998 that head lice have returned to infect America is endemic from New York to Los Angeles, and it affects about 12 million Americans, mostly children. Studies have shown that at the University Hebrew University of America and the American Institute of head lice that the development of olive oil on the head lice infected for several hours, kills lice from your head. The researchers from the University of Masuchets of America that the vehicles that have been effective in eliminating head lice no longer very effective, and head lice re-emerged stronger than ever before. Researchers have proposed a treatment plan for head lice recalcitrant five steps and will last for three weeks.
  In the first phase deals with the case or the vehicles Permethrin Pyrethium. This could eliminate most of the lice, but does not kill them all.
  In the second phase comes the role of olive oil on the head before bedtime with a shower cap (Shower Cap) on the head.
  The third stage is a very important stage: where should sweep the head a special metal comb before washing the head of the olive oil.

  The fourth stage Vtkon to make sure there are no lice in the surrounding environment by using seshwar hot.
  The fifth stage is to ensure eye directly from the absence of any scalp for lice and eggs by using a special comb removes eggs and be sure the safety of head lice during the period of three weeks.

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