Diabetes (Part I)

Diabetes (Part I)

Diabetes commonly affects about 30 million people in the world and many of them do not know they are infected. And the patient's body will be slow in the use of glucose "sugar" and so increases the rate of glucose in the blood. Kidneys and put part of the excess sugar in the urine. In severe cases of diabetes do not benefit the patient's body fat and protein are normal.

There are two types of diabetes:

The first type, known as "the first model of diabetes," Insulin dependent or what is known as Juvenile onset disease of boys and knows this kind of diabetes-insulin-dependent.The second type is called "the second model of diabetes" non-insulin dependent diabetes known as non-insulin-dependent or so-called disease in adults.

The patients with diabetes who had type I have to have a great lack of the hormone insulin, which is produced by the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas because of a defect or because of stoppage of production of this hormone because of damage to any other reason, and must patients of this type use insulin injections as an alternative to insulin, lost to them. The second type, the patients with this type do not have a lack of insulin secretion, but the insulin receptor cells in the body does not respond to him. And patients of this type are those who are over the age of thirty and those who suffer from obesity. It was found that 85% of cases of diabetes are type II category. It can control on this type diet, sports, weight reduction and the use of some of the built or natural medicines by mouth, but patients who can not control their diet to their cases only the use of insulin. Needs of patients with diabetes mellitus type I daily doses of insulin, need some more of the dose of insulin per day. Must absorb insulin in the bloodstream to be effective, it must give it by injection under the skin, and a few of them using portable pumps to inject insulin. Can not give insulin through the mouth for the possibility of damaged digestive system. The amount of insulin prescribed a diet doctor to the patient and the customs act. If patients stop taking diabetes need daily insulin, the amount of sugar in the blood over the limit, and cause a state of diabetic ketoacidosis, and therefore the patient enters a comatose state of diabetes. Followed by most patients with diabetes type I insulin-dependent Organization of diet containing certain amounts of sugars, fats and proteins, and most of them also examines the urine or blood daily to determine the proportion of blood glucose and acetone in the urine. And acetone is the substance formed when the impact of insulin is insufficient and not subject the patient to the diet strictly, but if he has a reaction against insulin or shock Onsulinip. Such a situation occurs where the effect of insulin to a large class of low blood sugar level to a large extent, can the patient sweats heavily and become nervous, weak, frail or unconscious. And this can be addressed quickly to give the patient food rich in sugar, and carries many of the diabetics chocolate or sugar with them for use in the case of reaction to insulin.

What complications can be caused by diabetes?

Can diabetes cause complications in the case of non-compliance with a diabetic diet, treatment and follow-up condition with the doctor concerned, there may be complications such as changes in blood vessels, the retina of the eye, called "diabetic retinopathy", which may be phase advanced the disease a major cause of blindness. As well as leading diabetes to similar changes in blood vessels glomerulonephritis, a condition known as status of "diabetic nephropathy", and can lead to kidney failure, and you can different treatments to control the numerous cases of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic nephropathy, and can be affected also nerve As a result of diabetes, these complications are known as "diabetic neuropathy" may lead to a loss of feeling or abnormal sensations in many parts of the body. It can also lead to diabetes also atherosclerosis, a type of hardening of the arteries may lead to stroke or heart failure or gangrene.

What are the symptoms of diabetes early?

There are several symptoms of attention should be paid, are: frequent urination, thirst and excessive weakness, apathy, and Astgak the anus and genitalia, particularly the bottom of the testicles and frequent appearance of boils, and abscesses, poor sexual orientation in males and the weakness of erection of the penis and numbness in some of the parties and dry mouth.

What medications used to treat diabetes?

There are medicines and other natural chemicals, and most important natural medicines hormone insulin, which is one of the animal by-products, where it acquires from the pancreas of cattle, and given doses of this hormone regulated by the competent injections for patients who suffer from diabetes type one. There is also a lot of natural medicines from medicinal herbs, minerals and some other animal derivatives, which are normally given to patients with diabetes type II, and could give some of them for patients with diabetes type one. With regard to medicines chemical constructed are for tablets or capsules are not included in the preparation of any of the animal by-products or herbal or mineral, often used for patients with Diabetes Type II and can in a few cases to be given with insulin to diabetics type one.

Herbal medicines:

Nigella sativa

Demonstrated a new study that Nigella sativa and components of the oil has a clear impact in reducing the percentage of sugar in the blood of elderly people with diabetes and patients to increase the proportion of fat in the blood, The study, prepared by Amal Said Abdel-Azim National Research Center in Cairo to get a doctorate, that The study focused on the biological effects and immune from giving a range of elderly patients with diabetes and patients with increased fat in the blood and patients with anemia of capsules Nigella sativa and the oil (700 mg and 450 mg) 3 times per day, respectively for a period of three months, the study called for the possible use of Nigella sativa for the elderly who suffer from the disease increase the proportion of fat in the blood and anemia in addition to the treatment of inflammation, where it improved the immune system in humans.



Is a herbal plant a small scientifically known as neurolaena lobata, and in 1989, he wrote a doctor from Florida to the doctor and Walter Mertz, director of agriculture in the United States Research Center Human Nutrition in Beltsville Beltsviie, Maryland facility sample from the plant jakas, and told him that one of the patients of sugar in the clinic have used this herb, which brought her from the island of Trinidad, and they have a diabetes type II, and was taking insulin even used this plant, which was used soaked twice today no longer use insulin, and continued use of six months, which is now in good health, and their sugar in its natural state, and still use this plant. He asked Dr. Walter is the definition of plant and materials contained in this plant, and after analyzing the plant turned out that it contains the following chemicals: Sescutrbin to Aktonz, where the dismissal of eight vehicles from this group was most notably Enyorlinen "1" and Enyorollenen "2" and Germrquenolajd_ "3,6", also contains real estate derivatives and flavonoids and Iimol Hedrfelix Kmpaondz. The Company announced zenith the planet to provide product strange herb neurolaena lobata, is the herb of the most important herbs for healing, then property anti-toxins and antifungal and anti-bacteria, say the people of central America that this plant heal completely from diabetes
Bitter gourd

It is a plant grass around crawler, known scientifically as momordica charantia, and popularly known by several names: such as Kerala and pears in balsamic and the option of Korea "This is a plant known by the gave the fruit like squash or option, but it illustrates the outer surface protrusions and many distinguished taste bitter. I began research on the fruits of this plant in 1960, where studies have shown that these fruits can control the level of sugar in the blood of patients with diabetes. In a clinical trial conducted on human beings, it was found that 5 grams of "about two tablespoons of" powder dry fruits taken daily reduced blood sugar by 54%, in another study took 50 ml "about a quarter cup of the Compendium of fruits" that led to a reduction in blood sugar by 20%. Has done a scientific study in the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, King Saud University, where Dr. Jaber bin Salim Al-Qahtani to examine several plants of the annexation of the fruits of bitter gourd, and proved the effectiveness of these fruits in the reduction of blood sugar, but there are other plants was distinct from the plant have been published this research in: International Journal of crude Dirg Research 1985. Can be eaten the fruits of this plant as it is, or can be squeezed, or you can work boiled them, as take four ounces of fruit chopped fresh and immersed in a liter of water and boil until it reaches the amount of water to half "pint" and filtered out and drink once a day. - Dried raw bitter gourd without cooking, and can be blended with Almlaktin if you want milk or tea. And use is usually before eating, and the approximate duration of the use of six weeks and then stop a week and re-used again, can be used with the disks, but we must not stop drive, and you can consult with a specialist doctor its use and analysis for those who use insulin injections, could you please not be dependent on insulin can be used However, after coordination with the competent doctor.

Onion and Garlic

The onions and garlic supplements have been used for centuries to treat diabetes, especially in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and either garlic is similar to the onions in effect, but the onion is stronger in the field of diabetes, are said to eat fresh garlic is the best thing if possible to reduce diabetes, and garlic can be cooked with food that causes the same purpose. I have worked many studies on the onion and garlic in the field of diabetes, and among the studies, done by Dr. Jaber bin Salim Al-Qahtani, Faculty of Pharmacy, King Saud University on the plants used in traditional medicine, Saudi Arabia, which was among the onions and garlic on experimental animals, where he received Results characteristic of onion and garlic, this research has been published in the International Journal of Materials Research medicine. He also further study the onions in the other plants, has proved that the onion ability to reduce Nbsp diabetes in the blood by about 40%, has published this research in the Journal (IRCS Medical SCi) in the UK, and onions effects distinct other than the impact on blood sugar, it is antibiotic, and diuretic, and anti-inflammatory, soothing and repelling a mine. It also affects the circulatory system, especially for people who suffer from angina. Also, similar effects of garlic, which is based on the reduction of blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and infection with tuberculosis and a blood thinner, and in the treatment of inflammation of the urinary tract, in addition to being a killer for many types of bacteria.


It is a plant grass around me, and the utilization of fenugreek seed is + seeds Almneptp, I used the circuit of hundreds of years, which has been said. That if people knew what the track of interest for weighing gold purchased. Has worked in the fenugreek seeds, scientific studies of many all over the world, was among those studies done by Dr. Jaber bin Salim Al-Qahtani, Department of drugs, King Saud University to study their impact on blood sugar, has been proven by the study, published in the journal (Medical Science) that the circuit good effect on reducing blood sugar, and used the ring in the form of powdered, or in the form of capsules, where there are currently regulated products in the market. The circuit of the safest drugs for this purpose, it is also next to the reduction of blood sugar, the reduction of cholesterol, and landing liver cancer, and is also the milk-generation nursing mothers.


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Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine

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