GARLIC - الثوم - L'AIL

GARLIC - الثوم - L'AIL

GARLIC IS THE PLANT medicinal ultimate II is safe for domestic use and is effective for treating a multitude of health problems he fights infections of the nose, throat and lungs, reduces the rate of cholesterol and alleviates circulatory disorders, such as hypertension. Hypoglycemic, garlic is a valuable complement food for diabetics.


• Essential Oil (disulfidediallyl allicme)• Carbohydrates• Selenium• Vitamins A, B, C and E • Sulphur Compounds


• Antibiotic • Expectorant • Active perspiration • Antihypertensives • Reduces blood clots • Hypoglycemic • Worm


• A traditional medicine

Before the invention of antibiotics 1 garlic cared for all sorts of diseases, tuberculosis and typhoid.It was also used to heal wounds during the First World War.

• Lung diseases

Garlic is excellent for bronchial infections and colds, ear infections and gnppes.

• The digestive

Garlic cures diseases of the digestive iI rids the body of intestinal parasites.
• Traffic

Garlic prevents strengthen the immune system and circulatory problems and prevents their development in the blood thinner II lowers cholesterol.
• Other uses 

Garlic is used against infections, it reinforces the action of antibiotics and chemical avoids side effects.Reducer of blood sugar, garlic may help patients with diabetes bold.
How to use

- Syrup of garlic

Cons cough: take a Teaspoon every 3 hours.
- Cloves garlic minced

Use regularly in cooking to reduce cholesterol and strengthen the immune system.
- Garlic oil
It increases the body's resistance to infection.

If taking cholesterol 001 g of essential oil (Z) TABLET In taking for high blood pressure and bronchitis.

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