Olive oil protects against breast cancer

The members of the research team Weinberg College of Medicine at Northwestern University a series of laboratory experiments on cells derived from tumors of breast cancers and found that the oleic acid found in abundance in olive oil has led to low levels of gene and gene carcinogen coded Her-2/neu by 46% approximately.

Dr Javier Menendez, who led the study, these findings may explain the low incidence of the peoples of the Mediterranean with breast cancer, heart disease and aging, and their followers as a result of patterns of eating food containing relatively large amounts of olive oil.

The study also indicated that oleic acid increase the efficiency and effectiveness of drug Hersiptin, a drug induces the immune system to attack cancer cells that contain a high proportion of gene carcinogenic. Have proven to indicate previous studies confirmed that the Her-2/neu gene is located high rates in 20% of women with breast cancer, as demonstrated by its association with types of fast-spreading tumors that are difficult to forecast their behavior. The researchers said that the Spaniards phenol (polyphenols) found in olive oil inhibit the emergence of Jane "H.E.R-2 (Her-2)" causes of breast cancer. And conducted experiments Menéndez Carretero, and samples of olive oil in the laboratory, it is clear to them that the existing vehicle plant phenols in the oil inhibit protein "H.E.R-2".

Turmeric reduces the risk of breast cancer

A study conducted by researchers from Missouri with American spices turmeric to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women after menopause, women who undergo hormone replacement therapy which contains the hormone progesterone.
Turmeric is one of the most effective elements of the roots of Termorik, one of the types of spices Hindi belongs to the family Ginger, it Kirknd compounds that give color to spice up those distinctive.

The researchers pointed out that previous studies showed that the hormone progesterone accelerates the growth of some tumors, by increasing the production of a molecule called VEGF helps the latter to supply blood to the tumors. As shown by the study of animal models that have contributed to the spice turmeric molecule inhibition of VEGF secretion from breast cancer cells.

Pomegranate fights bacteria and cancer

British scientists have concluded a solution of the pomegranates, effective in the elimination of bacteria treated with antibiotics intractable traditional, as studies have shown that eating pomegranates may reduce the risk of breast cancer,

And published the journal Cancer Prevention Research from the American Cancer Society that the pomegranate contains natural chemicals called Ielagitanin hinder the growth of the hormone estrogen, which helps the growth of cancer cells, but scientists do not know the quantity to be obtained from this article for the prevention of breast cancer.
According to Professor Gary Stoner, Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Ohio State that relatively high levels of compounds Alielagitanin are necessary to combat breast cancer.

Pregnant consumption of eggs leads to prevent their children from breast cancer

New research shows scientists Boston University women's consumption of the composite choline, which is egg and a number of other foods during pregnancy leads to non-infected children with type violent breast cancer and leads to slower tumor growth and improves the chances of survival and resistance to disease.

Nuts for the prevention of breast cancer

A study of scientists at Marshall University of America, consumption of nuts leads to lower risk of breast cancer and, because it contains fatty acids Omega-3 and antioxidants and Alistirollat plant.
And scientists have carried out tests on mice where they were fed identical quantities of nuts for about 56 grams per day, which consumed by humans.
The results showed that consumption of nuts has led to lower incidence of breast cancer and the number of endocrine tumors and the size of tumors.

Maternal consumption of high fat diet .. May cause breast cancer to their daughters

According to researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand that women who eat foods rich in fat during pregnancy, hold up the risk of obesity and the incidence of breast cancer in their daughters-selective! The researchers said that daughters of these women, they walk faster to adulthood, and therefore believe that Albulua early may be linked to a wide range of problems including obesity, depression in adolescence, in addition to a significant increase in risk of breast cancer.

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