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Herbal medicines used for weight loss

What is important here, you should know there is no medicinal plants is the disposal of grease, which was represented the body but there are medicinal plants work Kmshlat or diuretic, and so on are disposed forced fluids necessary in the body and this is very harmful as to become more frequent use of laxatives harmful to the old thing in the small intestine that is absorption of food any process is very harmful to those who follow the soaked drinking laxative plants or generating and are continuing.
Of those plants producing laxatives and where we will focus on the usefulness of which is believed it reduce weight and have the benefits of othermedical: 
1 - sheets Senna Cassia Augusitifolia a tougher plants laxatives. 

2 - herb hyssop Hyssopus Officialis is generating useful in cases of dropsy. 
3 - Securities sage Salvia Officialis and is generating useful in cases of excessive sweating severe. 

4 - The fruits of dates Indian Tamarindus indica , a laxative in the case of increasing the quantity eaten and the clutch a little of it. 

5 - the roots of race Sus Glycorhiza glabra , a diuretic and laxative and combat constipation.
6 - The fruits of fennel Foeniculum vulgare , a quantity of milk-producing moderate.

The seeds of Plantago Plantain

There are several types of Plantago psyllium, such as the Oval , known scientifically as Plantago Ovata and San herb fleas Plantago Psyllium and Indian Plantain Plantago Indica These three types have been used for thousands of years. Plantain cultivated on a large scale of the order to peel the fruit and seeds are used to treat intestinal problems. Plantain contains fluid materials, and oil firm and starchy materials. In a study of Italy by theresearchers gave doses of seeds of Plantago by 3 grams dissolved in a glass of water and drink before eating thirty minutes to a number of obese women were compared with other women with the same obesity and delivered on a special diet and found that women who scored a seed of the Plantago lack of weight gain rate of 60% more than the others. In a study conducted by scientists Ross found that the impact of the reduced weight was a result of amorphous materials in the plant seeds. Currently, there are a preparation of plantain under the name of Psyllium , which takes him to fill a teaspoon of the product and mixed with a cup filled with juice or water and drink before a meal. With the Note , if you happened to sensitivity to this drug was stopped directly or use it once again.

Red pepper (chilli)

There are kinds of pepper red either long or circular. Has had researchers study on pepper red in the Institute of Technology , Oxford in Britain, where they measured the proportion of the metabolism when people obese people who use a balanced diet where they added to their food a teaspoon of chili powder, red as well as a teaspoon of mustard powder to each meal as shown study that people who add to the food pepper red and mustard rate or rate of metabolism, have increased by 25%. Accordingly, they said if you want to lose weight you should add the pepper, red and mustard toyour meals daily.


This plant is known for his popularity as a reduced weight and scientifically known as (Stellaria Media). And assigns the plant raw with the authorities and some Iglih or Islgah and eat after boiling like any vegetables. And these native herb of Europe and Asia and is now in most parts of the world.Containing hashish Elkzaz materials soapy three turbine and Kumarniat and flavonoids , acids Krbotxolin and vitamin (c).

Evening Primrose

And plant Alakhaddrip herb bilateral strabismus no more than the height of 20 cm and the home of this plant America North. Part of the plant usedleaves and oil seeds and seeds contain fixed oil rich acids fatty core. Use the leaves of this plant or oil Abldhur to lose weight and used seeds, ground and used the amount of half a teaspoon of oil three times a day.


The fruits of pineapple from the best materials that reduce weight, especially if we know that pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain which helps in the digestion of proteins and the burning of fat, in order to reduce weight should be eating grain Pineapple full day in one go.


Although the nuts rich in fat and supposed to not eat the obese, but that a study conducted over 25 thousand people were given daily a handful of the hand of a walnut found that the weight decreased significantly and was the reason behind it that the nuts contain a substance serotonin (Cerotonin), which helps make a person feel full and therefore eat a handful a day from the hands of nuts makes you feel fullness or satiety not eat they ate too much.


The fennel of reducers weight, particularly securities , stems and roots and the way that taking 35 grams of powder all parts of the plant except the fruits and immersed in about half a liter of cold water and cover are then placed on low heat and boil for 15 minutes and then pushed off from the fire and leave aside for 25 minutes and then drink from this boiled in Cuba after lunch and another glass after dinner.


Also called Arawp Queen meadows and scientifically known as (Filipendula Ulmaria It contains plant Gelokozydat Flavonip and phenolic and volatile oil acid and tannins. and the way to be taken to fill a large spoon and immersed in a cup of boiling water, cover and leave the length of night and morning, drain and drink on an empty stomach just before breakfast at a rate of one cup per day before breakfast until you reach the desired weight.

Grape Leaves

Taking 50 grams of powder, grape leaves, dry and immersed in a liter of cold water and then placed on low heat and leave until boiling and after the start of boiling leaves half a minute on fire and then away from the heat and leave aside for a quarter of an hour and then filtered and taken from three cups after meals, it reduces the weight.
There is also a recipe the other for the vine is that taking 35 grams of grape leaves dry powder and added with 10 grams of rind plant news (common in rural Egypt) and drown everyone in a liter of cold water placed on the fire to boil and continue boiling on the fire too light for 5 minutes and then filtered and drink from this boiling two cups a day between meals.

Apple cider vinegar

Taken to fill a spoon to eat from the pure apple cider vinegar is added to fill a glass of cold water and mixes it well and then deal with each meal daily.You can prepare apple cider vinegar on your own without recourse to the vinegar is located in the markets because you do not know the extent of purity and quality, and to make apple cider vinegar taken about 5 pounds apples of any kind, and then immersed in a container of a quantity of water sufficient to cover and the water above the treated material permanganate potassium (purchased from pharmacies, which is a crystal scarlet) and addto water in the pot some crystals so that water color, pink, and then filling the apples and leaves for a quarter of an hour, then pour water and wash the apples several times with water and then dried drying a good towel, then cut each apple without the peel and without that still including seeds and are medium-sized pieces 2 * 2 cm 3 approximately. bring a pot of ceramic or glass jar with a capacity of appropriate apple then packaged this vessel until it is filled and it does not add him any anything else with the observation that the container be filled in completely before Mnschwe apple. Cover the bowl with a cloth so that the link above the crater to protect him from insects or dust pollution and a piece of cloth must be that must not be thickto be mild Kalshash example, in order to allow entry and exit of the bacteria in the air to into the jar containing the apple section. Leave China or the container in a place warm , where it is the fermentation process and it becomes the apple juice to the vinegar-mediated germs and bacteria and its in the air and start its work without delay. is turning to vinegar in a few weeks long or fail depending on the temperature of the atmosphere. The inferred shift the smell of vinegar Alfoaha and taste the liquid inside, when the filtered vinegar mediated bag or a large piece of cloth, clean and maintained with vinegar after liquidated within the vessel glass clean sealed completely so as not to enter the air and opens the container , but when you use only, and notes that vinegar is not a net, but mixed with some sediment , but quickly dissolves with time to the bottom of the bowl does not harm the existence of the sediment.
The apple cider vinegar should be natural, 100% and taken him to fill a spoon to eat is added to fill the cup of ordinary water and then deal with three meals and work that directly interfere in the digestion process is based upon the destruction of sugars and fats.


Drink a day to fill a spoon onion juice can be mixed with fruit juice, not juice with preserves.

Lady, s Mantle

Muammar an herb does not exceed a height of 30 cm and the plant is home to Britain and Europe. Part used all parts of the plant. Contains plant acidtannins and acid, salicylic. Known man -Assad on behalf of another Love lions are the most Attarine, and the way that is taken to fill a teaspoon of powdered herb and placed in a pot and add him to fill a glass of cold water and leave the pot on the fire until boiling, then cool and drink water and parts plant in it full and drink Cuba after breakfast directly and another glass after dinner live daily.

Rhubarb and mussels Cable Indian Jzmor

Taken equal amounts of Jzmor rhubarb, preferably Chinese and the fruits of mussels cable Indian and crushed crushed coarse and then placed in a jar and taken him to fill teaspoon mixed with fill cup boiling water and stir well and drink complete without filter and taken Cuba after food breakfastdirectly and another after dinner.


And fresh celery contains vitamins , especially vitamins (A, B, C) and minerals such as iron, iodine , magnesium , calcium, potassium , copper and phosphorus. Celery eaten raw or Va and can work the juice of the celery and is one of the herbs good to lose weight, but should the owners of the bowel weak and shortness of digestion with non-use.
Flax seeds come in weight loss in general.

Pyrus - Pear

The fruits of pears, fresh and mature of the richest fruit potassium , which helps to raise large amounts of water from the body at the same time does not include a sodium, which helps to collect water in the body and very poor protein with the wealth of some vitamins and minerals and therefore it is considered a useful material from the Lose weight and use the adult meal is complete without him that is eaten with something, in addition to a special diet.

Cumin seeds, Lemon

Take half a teaspoon of cumin powder and added to fill the cup of boiling water and stir well, then cut a lemon as it is with the peel and seeds and placed in a cup which contains cumin, cover and leave for 12 hours and drink only water on an empty stomach every day.

Squash Marrow Courgette

The squash vegetables vulnerable nutritional value and is therefore considered a good food systems thinness. Where the fat can eat large quantities of them without access to food more.

White radish

White radish proved its effectiveness and success in studies, conducted on most plant foods, to see their impact on the tissues of the body, leaving him in the forefront of food recommended approaching them in weight loss programs.

The nutrition experts: The plant nutrition of the most important methods of food and the best to enjoy the Slim and vitality and health, Valikthar intake of fruits and vegetables does not help to get rid of obesity, but also carries a lot of benefits for the heart and arteries, in addition to its role in the prevention of chronic diseases, notably diabetes and cancer .

Studies have shown that white radish helps to dissolve excess fat and get rid of extra weight, especially in the areas viable for obesity, such as the buttocks, hips and stomach in women.

In the opinion of doctors in the journal "Health" to attend to eat green leafy vegetables are an effective way to lose excess weight, providing the body needs, including vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are useful, therefore, advised to not less than the amount of leafy vegetables for 25 to 35% of the total amount of meals, whether were eaten fresh or boiled or cooked, that is a white radish part of this percentage, because of its impact effective in getting rid of fat, especially the buttocks area. The researchers pointed out that it could be eating fresh vegetables between meals, without a flaw content of the daily calorie intake, because these fiber-rich foods, especially white radish, to facilitate the burning of calories and fat.

Tips must be followed to lose weight
1-- must deal with a balanced diet at a rate of only 40% of their needs.
2- - Make exercise a daily walk, and most important of which at least half an hour a day, swimming and riding a motorcycle , if possible.
3- - must learn to calculate fat calories needed each day and take up less than half of them need and a person can review a specialist food for his guidance in this regard.
4- - record what you eat every day or drink, no matter how trivial to compare and to calculate calories.
5- - It is recommended to drink carrot juice every day due to lack of food in it.
6-- It is recommended eat turnips raw or cooked, where it reduces the weight and produces urine which helps to reduce weight.
7- - is rice and white bread , macaroni and dates from the nutrient-rich foods, it is better not to eat for good.
8- - soft drinks, nuts, add calories should be avoided.
9- - should read a great deal with trying to summarize what I have read with the need for a light dinner consisting of a cup yogurt and some fruit only.

There are tables showing the number of calories needed for fat people and shall establish a lists of food you should eat and materials other that should not be eaten, and to obtain this information should review the consultant or specialist foods to guide the obese, food appropriate for his condition.

1- prohibited the use of margarine or butter or oil or any other type of fat.
2- near as possible to eat grapefruit and juice.
3-  drinks:
A possible drinking tea or coffee, but without sugar or milk.
Possible to drink Alsod Diet or lemon juice without sugar.
A possible drinking water in any quantity.
4-  forbidden eating pork or lamb Alhambod or any fat.
5 - cook vegetables in water without the addition of cubes Maggie.
6- possible, add salt, pepper, garlic and onions.
7-  when it does not define the amount of food can be dealt with any amount until full.
8- This type of diet depends on a diet without change or add .
9- must follow the diet the same amount.
10- If you feel hungry from meals can deal with any amount of the option or lettuce or carrots.


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