-Diabetes (Part II)-

 Diabetes (Part II)

Other herbal medicines are beneficial in the treatment of diabetes

Marshmallow leaf

A grass around scientifically known as Althaea officinalis Part of the plant used to reduce blood sugar is rooted back to influence the reduced blood sugar to the gels which ranges between 25 and 35% pectin, which is in the range between 1 12% and plant Hollyhock many uses and are used flowers and leaves next to the roots Ktardp of phlegm and calming and generating and anti- of gallstone and anti-inflammatory and infectious ulcer and duodenum existing marshmallow products found in local markets in the form of capsules and the moods and pigments and tea bags.

Bay Laurel

Laurels is a durable large trees known scientifically as Laurus nobilis And the utilization of plant leaves and volatile oil. Containing the papers to the volatile oil by 3% and the most important compounds in this oil is Alsceniol and Allinalol Alfabeinin and also contains articles and materials Afsip gel and resin materials. I have used them Greeks and Romans as a medical and laurel leaves are used for the treatment of upper digestive system problems, and to treat pain resulting from the turmoil occurring in the gastrointestinal tract, and the bay leaves stimulate the appetite and increase the secretion of juices Alhdeimp. The doctor says Richard Anderson, bay leaves work to help the body to use insulin better and the dose is 500 mg of powdered leaves (about half a teaspoon) has studied the effects of the papers to the experimental animals, and gave good results.

Jimnima  -  Gymnema

Muammar tree is a plant known scientifically as Gymnem Sylvestre Part of it is the user leaves and sometimes the legs. The original home of the plant, India and Africa but now cultivated in most countries of the world. We have used the Indians of this plant from several centuries to treat diabetes in recent years has worked several studies on experimental animals and in humans, and proved the effectiveness of leaves of this plant for the treatment of blood sugar and proved that the leaves of this plant increases the secretion of insulin in patients with type first, namely the insulin-dependent.

I've found that leaves of this plant contain Gelokozydat called Jaymnimin(Gymnemin ) I've been studying this plant-insulin-dependent people where he experimented with the papers to the 27 patients with diabetes who take insulin because they are the first type has been proven by the study, said the papers are to stimulate the production of insulin from the pancreas. We have also proved that this plant is one of the drugs that there is no collateral damage, despite his use of long-term, and there of the drug products codified in the form of capsules. Must diabetics who take insulin, do not use this plant only after coordination with the good concerned.

Black tea 

Muammar herbal tea plant part used him a wad of fresh and black tea prepared from the leaves. The study on the Indian black tea on laboratory animals and proved that the conclusion of the study tea reduced the percentage of blood sugar and therefore, diabetics can eat a large quantity of black tea. Plants Arabia original habitat.

Given his Department of Pharmacology and Research Center of medicinal and aromatic plants, toxic and Research Center at the College of Pharmacy, King Saud University, the potential of distinct both in terms of laboratory quality or lack of academic excellence or services rare they do not exist in any scientific institution other in the Kingdom.

In light of these capabilities and services excellence and groundbreaking research on various plants in the Kingdom of either pharmacological or toxic or aromatic has Dr. Gaber and his colleagues a comprehensive survey of all plants that are believed to have a significant impact on blood sugar has been able to identify a large number of plants that gave good effect against diabetes and the results published in scientific journals international court.

The most important findings, Dr. Jaber separate compound a new chemical is considered the first of its kind has never been separated from any other plant is this compound a new addition to chemistry and also, this compound has a dilutive effect of blood sugar has registered a patent this compound, USA has been given Name (Saudin ) And then one of the famous universities in the United States U.S. construction of this compound is chemically and reached the final version of the compound after ten years and published a method of construction in the finest magazines in the U.S.. Dr. Jaber has published three papers in three different international scientific journals, as chapter 12 of the same plant compound called Ricardin one of them has the same effect as the boat Saudis. Since the compound has become the Saudis praised We hope to God that utilized in the near future.

Saudi Arabia has given the plant's 12 plants excellent results against diabetes, but because the side effects did not complete the study, we can not mention their names for fear of being misused, especially since some of them considered Abannataat toxic.

Chrome  -  Chromium

This metal is one of the most important minerals for the production of insulin from the pancreas and usually given to diabetics with type I insulin-dependent and this metal is found in apples, beef, yeast, liver, butter, chicken, corn, eggs, sweet potatoes, peel onions, tomatoes and all the various cereals. The metal chromium contribute to the process of glucose metabolism and helps to produce insulin and regulate blood sugar and reduce the increase in insulin. It also reduced the proportion of cholesterol and also reduce weight and increase muscle tissue. It also helps transport glucose into tissues and no preparations him in the local markets.

Figs  -  Nopal

Herbal plant leaves Muammar disc large thorns prolonged by a yellow to orange flowers, fruit size pears in a large oval shape and have a sweet taste.This plant is spreading in most parts of the world and is famous for the Taif, Abha and cold regions in the Kingdom of the best kinds of fruit and fruit beloved favorites in the summer. Known scientifically as Opuntia Ficus - indica .. User segment of the plant leaves, flowers and fruits.

It has been shown by laboratory studies that fig leaves reduced cord blood sugar and cholesterol and obesity. In a recent study has found that Alberhom legs diabetic patients non-insulin-dependent and who fasted for 12 hours when it took the legs of a plant sugar have declined significantly and increased their insulin. In another study on the securities that were proven to improve the performance of insulin and was told that the leaves, stems, figs can be very powerful in the treatment of diabetes for non-insulin-dependent. A product of papers Alberhom sold in markets are regulated. Ouesh.

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Herbal medicine

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