Treatment of erectile dysfunction - Traitement de la dysfonction érectile - علاج الضعف الجنسي

Treatment of  impotence
         Sexual Impotence "impotence" is the inability to have an erection, or inability to maintain an erection long enough to work for a successful sexual encounter.
     Recipe 1:

         1g of food, queen bees with 4g of a grain mill pond with just 3g of powder plant original Ginseng + Buckthorn honey with a spoon unsophisticated added to a cup of water and stir the mixture until it melts and then drink on an empty stomach every day.

     Recipe 2:

         Pumpkins, cucumbers, melons: taking multiple quantities of seeds and peel and knock and dissolved in the sugar, and taken three tablespoons every day.

     Recipe 3:

         Flaxseed: used boiled linseed in pain relief caused by inflammation of the prostate; by drinking a cup or two cups of boiled linseed day in small doses.

+ Attendance to eat sesame paddy is very useful in cases of sexual impotence.

Treatment of rapid ejaculation
         Newly discovered that the most successful treatment for ejaculation rapid is the use of drugs commonly used to treat depression and increase the concentration of "serotonin" in the brain and these drugs as "Broxtin" PAROXETINE or "Vlwokstin" FLUOXETINE and "Alklompramen" CLOMIPRAMINE and Alsartlanin SERTRALINE, offers excellent results in most cases of libel rapid where they are more time before ejaculation from a few seconds or less than a minute to several minutes at 4 to 5 minutes or up to ten or fifteen minutes was more than that in some cases. But there is controversy in terms of how to use them as some doctors prefer to use daily, others recommend the use of any on-demand before sexual intercourse and another team are advised to merge daily use and for use upon request. Here we must warn the patient's description of these drugs and their use must be under the supervision of a specialist to prevent serious complications and dangerous. I'm in favor of this treatment combined with physiotherapy, which is based on strengthening the urethra valve to hold exercises daily and use it when you control the process of sexual intercourse for libel by repeated contraction. In some cases, if it is found that the glans penis with a high sensitivity can be used as a drug in the gel or gel is placed on the tip of the penis for about an hour before sexual intercourse.
         In a recent study from Italy found that the use of the drug "Albrookstin" with the drug "Viagra" together to give results over the use of all of them alone in the treatment of ejaculation rapid and the side effects of moderate, including weakness of ejaculation, nausea, stomach pain, headache and a boom in red body and lower libido slightly . As for the treatment of premature ejaculation when a man complaining of sexual dysfunction successfully treated drug "Viagra" and gave the drug Sartlanin was not at the same level of success as compared with good success achieved by this drug in people with rapid ejaculation but without any ED.

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine

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